Michael's Comprehensive List of Scottish Lights

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"A Work of Great Scholarship"

THE WASHED-OUT COLOUR SCHEME of this home page is to emphasise that changes to the website are afoot. When the changes outlined below are complete, we shall revert to the nice, undemanding yellow background.

THIS IS THE HOME PAGE of Michael's List, which will, unless Death or the price of petrol beats us to it, be an illustrated list of all lighted marine navigational structures around the Scottish coast. Aero lights, meteorological masts, and lights marking windfarms are not included. By the middle of 2013, coverage had extended to include almost the whole of the mainland, moving anti-clockwise from Burnmouth to Loch Fyne, together with the River Clyde from Greenock to Glasgow, and the Orkneys, the Shetlands and the Outer Hebrides. We hope to complete the mainland sections by the autumn of 2016.

Lights are organised into geographical Sections, and to keep loading times short only tower structures are illustrated on first loading. Links are provided to images of other structures.

Images on this website are, unless otherwise noted within the List, all taken by a digital camera and are presented at the reduced resolution of 640 by 480 pixels. The website is best viewed at a resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels.

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July 2016:

IT LOOKED FOR A TIME as though the price of petrol was not going to win this race, but the National Health Service, building on its triumphs over Michael's earlier strokes, heart attacks and bacterial meningitis, has now got his diabetic, thyroid, bone-marrow and prostate problems under control, and is attacking his somewhat embarrassing problems of the urinary tract. There will be no criticisms of the NHS in Michael's hearing (but he's going deaf as well).

Michael has in fact had it a bit rough since July 2013, but hopes now to be well enough to bring his List up to date. During his layoff, he has decided to make some changes to the layout of the illustrated tables. They will comprise three columns as before, but the data in each column is more self-consistent. Column 1 will contain only reference numbers; Column 2 will offer only information regarding the light itself; and Column 3 will relate entirely to the structure. Details of these provisions are given at Arrangement of the List on the Introduction page. These improvements take more time than Michael had first expected, and to keep things smooth the links to Sections A and B have been temporarily disabled while the changes are made.

When they come back, any changes that the Northern Lighthouse Board has made to the lights in those areas will be included, and will be specially mentioned on this page. Sections C and D will then be treated in a like manner, and so on to the end.

Links to the Sections

Section Boundaries and Positions of Major Lights -- northern areas
Section Boundaries and Positions of Major Lights -- southern areas

Section A Burnmouth to River Carron (79 structures)
Section B Longannet to Crail (70 structures)
Section C Fife Ness to Buddon Ness (77 structures)
Section D Arbroath to Fraserburgh (64 structures)
Section E Kinnaird Head to Inverness (71 structures)
Section F North Kessock to Loch Eriboll (65 structures)
Section G Cape Wrath to Mallaig (67 structures)
Section H Ardnamurchan to Kyles of Bute (about 75 structures)
Section J Loch Striven to Helensburgh (about 65 structures)
Section K Cardross to Hunterston (about 65 structures)
Section L Ardrossan to Southerness (about 60 structures)
Section M spare
Section N Orkney Islands (79 structures)
Section P Shetland Islands East and North: Out Skerries to Muckle Flugga (about 60 structures)
Section Q Shetland Mainland east side: (74 structures)
Section R Shetland Mainland west side and Foula to North Rona (about 50 structures)
Section S Lewis and Harris (57 structures)
Section T The westerly rocks, Uists, and Barra (59 structures)
Section U Islands from Skye to Tiree and Mull (70 structures)
Section V Islands: Firth of Lorne to Firth of Clyde
Section W Isle of Man (about 45 structures)

Total so far listed, about 1000 structures; expected overall total, about 1200

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Copyright Statement

COPYRIGHT in all images on this website (except those listed in the note below) remains the property of Michael Spencer the Webmaster, who has asserted his rights in accordance with the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988. Images may be used in websites in the pharology field without charge, but acknowledgment to Michael Spencer and a link to this website should be made. Copyright in the donated images remains with their donors, to whom application for reproduction should be made.

Copyright in the information as to heights of structures and characters of lights belongs to the Commissioners of Northern Lights operating as the Northern Lighthouse Board, and this notice is intended to fulfil the terms of the relevant Acts of Parliament.

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Donated Images

IMAGES HAVE BEEN donated by certain wellwishers who retain the copyright in their own work. Michael is very grateful to these people for their assistance. They, and the images donated by them, are:

Angus MaclennanApplecross Pier M089-0506 Aug 10
Andy Strangeway(www.island-man.co.uk)
Bass Rock M00419 Jan 11
Fidra M00519 Jan 11
Bound Skerry MP00119 Jan 11
Rockall MT00-0119 Jan 11


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Neither of these sites has anything to do with Michael!

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