Michaelís Comprehensive List of Scottish Lights

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Group M: Isle of Man

(n towers and n other structures)


Column 1: Reference numbers (Michael; Admiralty; NGIA Publication 114)
Column 2: Name of light; Details (character, height above high water, nominal range in nautical miles); Grid Reference
Column 3: Description of structure; Notes; Link to image (for towers this link is in the form of a thumbnail image);
Maps (LR, EX: Ordnance Survey (see Notes in the Introduction); CH: Admiralty Chart at various scales)

Tower light:
Burnmouth E Pier head
Burnmouth Rusty, once-white cylindrical metal column about 1.5m high, standing on harbour wall; light was probably about 5m above high water

Alternative large images
Onastic lights:
Burnmouth W Pier root
2FG, 6m, ?
Post 4m. Grey metal post (not wooden as in Admy list) standing on hillside about 10m away from root. Green bulbs in white circular lanterns images

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