M028-01 to -10 Tay Road Bridge

The low-level lights for the bridge are onastic, mounted near the waterline on the bases of the three piers
Nos 33, 32, 31, counting from the Dundee side. They are best imaged as a group.
There are also high-level lights mounted on the girders at the centres of the navigation spans,
but these do not show up from the photographic stances available

Viewed from downstream on S bank: from the left: M028-10 S pier W side; -01 S pier E side;
-08 Centre W; -03 Centre E; -06 N pier W; -05 N pier E

viewed from upstream on S bank: from the left, M028-06 N pier W side;
-08 Centre pier W; -10 S pier W. -03 centre E and -01 S pier E can be seen through the piers

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