M028-10A to D Newport Jetty
(all discontinued since 1966)

Newpt Jy
M028-10A NE corner of jetty: was FG. In this image and in D below, the NW corner,
the heavy, rusty columns seem to correspond to the obvious lantern supports in the flickr. photo

Newpt Jy

Newpt Jy
M028-10B Front leading light, on central wall of jetty

Newpt Jy
M028-10C Bracket to support rear leading light
The hard hat and ear-protectors on the ball finial are probably not original

Newpt Jy
M028-10D NW corner, was FR

David Mason has uploaded to flickr a photo of the ferryboat approaching the jetty. The three structures here called A, C and D can be seen, and the two at the outer corners of the jetty seem to correspond with the close-ups shown above. You can see the photo by copying this URL into your browser; but flickr won't allow me to make a direct link from this page. "www.flickr.com/photos/davidmcrostiemason/4236197541"

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